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Win a trip in the 'Icom Balloon'

Win a trip in the 'Icom Balloon'

If you have attended a Balloon Festival, Airshow or Fete you may have seen a balloon with a huge Icom logo emblazoned on. Well we don’t exactly own the balloon, but we contributed towards the sponsorship of it.

Merlin Balloons is the current owner. Based in Hamstreet, Merlin Balloons fly from various places in Kent such as Headcorn Airfield where they get a lot of reaction from fellow Aviation pilots because they all use Icom radios. Everyone knows it simply as the 'Icom Balloon'.

Merlin Balloons approached Sales & Marketing Director Bob Stockley in the summer of 2001 with the idea of co-branding the balloon. Bob felt that it was such a good idea and that there was a great synergy between our brand and the hobby of ballooning that Icom proceeded with the sponsorship of the envelope.

Since then and despite the restrictions imposed by the foot and mouth outbreak and increasing regulations placed on commercial pilots, Merlin Balloons have logged more than 250 flights.

It is no coincidence that Merlin Balloons approached Icom for sponsorship. The company uses the IC-A3E as their standard handportable for aviation communications and the IC-A110 in its chase vehicle. Matthew Wady said, “The IC-A110 has been very useful in allowing us to contact the balloon and keep in touch when it is flying”.

Matthew Wady, the owner of Merlin Balloons, has himself been a pilot for 5 years. Matthew always wanted to be an aeroplane pilot. However it wasn't untill he was microlighting that he met someone who had a hot air balloon. Just one flight and his interest soon took off. Since then Matthew has built up a team of 9 crew which includes 3 part time and 1 full time pilot.

So if the thought of ballooning catches your imagination, visit our website and try and win the chance of a flight for two people on the Icom balloon. Visit the competition section for more details.

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