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Radio Communications Company, ICOM UK Ltd have come to the rescue of a Swansea sailing school. Swansea Bay Sea School faced the prospect of having withdraw from the prestigious Small Ships Race in Cowes, after being left without vital radios.

Luckily, Kent based ICOM UK heard about their plight and donated four IC-M33 hand held radios to the school.

Swansea Bay Sea School is training a group of teenagers to take part in the Small Ships Race in October aboard the largest yacht in Wales – CB 47. Their progress is being filmed for a BBC documentary which will be broadcast early next year.

The charity was founded by Uplands based Yacht Master, Justin Cotter. He commented, “We operate in the busy Bristol Channel and so VHF radios are a vital piece of safety kit. It is also is crucial to have a reliable make. I have used ICOM as my own personal hand held radio for over eight years, and it’s reliability impressed me to the extent that there was no other choice when it came to the radios that we used. What is even more impressive, is the support and generosity that we have received from ICOM.”

The school aims to support teenagers at risk of failing at school. It also works with looked-after youngsters within the care system, along with Youth Inclusion Teams and Special Needs Schools in Swansea and across the whole of Wales.

Justin added, “We provide an alternative form of education and qualifications along with activities that would not normally be available to them such as Windsurfing, Raft Building, Canoeing, Bell Boating, Dinghy Sailing, Power Boating and also the opportunity to sail aboard our 72 foot Challenge yacht - CB47.”

”We offer a range of activities and work shops aimed at re-engaging disaffected young people and teaching them important life skills. Our programmes are tailored to their individual needs and designed to give each youngster a unique set of challenges.”

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK Ltd said, 'We are very pleased to be supporting a project which shows a strong commitment to developing the potential of youngsters. On behalf of everyone at ICOM UK, we send our best wishes to Justin and his crew for the coming months.'

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