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Nick Power’s £10,000 RNLI Challenge

Nick Power’s £10,000 RNLI Challenge

Nick Power a Public Relations Officer from the Royal National Lifeboat Institute will be attempting a charity fundraising trip involving fishing from 44 RNLI Lifeboat locations around the UK in 30 days, with an added challenge from the locals to complete at every stop. His ambitious aim is to raise £10,000 for the RNLI along the way. Icom UK have supported Nick with an IC-M33 VHF Marine Transceiver as a fundraising prize and challenged him to make 10 radio contacts from Icom UK’s Amateur radio shack.

Nick began his epic journey at St Mary's RNLI lifeboat station on the Isles of Scilly and hopes to end it at Teddington Weir in London by his 30th birthday; the 5th of June. Along his planned route Nick will taking part in a series of sea-fishing matches and challenges set up by the online fishing community. Icom UK have challenged Nick to make 10 QSOs from Icom UK’s in-house Shack for the Whitstable leg of his trip and will be helped by an Icom member of staff in doing so. To commemorate the contacts a special QSL card has been designed. Some of Nick’s other challenges include:

 Fishing the Brighton Nudist Beach!
 Invading London with a Pirate Crew!
 Fishing for Conger Eels dressed as a Super Hero!
 Whenever on dry land - collecting money wearing a pair of purple High Heels!
 Spending 12 Hours on the Dover Breakwater!
 Being tortured by the Lifeboat Crew in Rye!

When asked about his choice of charity, Nick commented, “I’m a Fish scientist and obsessed angler; I'm at my happiest when I’m out Sea or river fishing. Because I’m such a keen sea angler I’ve got a vested interest in the RNLI because one day, I might need their help.”

“I have nothing but the most utmost respect and admiration for the RNLI Crews who volunteer their own time to go out into the worst weather the British seas can throw at them and save lives. I've always been fascinated by the RNLI; as a child I used to spend my weekends and the whole summer holidays on the coast where I would watch the crews being called out to save a stricken vessel.”

To sponsor Nick's fundraising attempt or for more details, go to:

Icom UK Marketing -


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