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Icom's Innovative Hybrid LTE/Licenced Professional Two Way Radio

Icom's Innovative Hybrid LTE/Licenced Professional Two Way Radio

The IP730D series from Icom is a new Hybrid radio that can provide nationwide coverage over LTE networks as well as conventional VHF/UHF professional radio mode (IDAS digital/Analogue radio modes) to work locally. The versatility of having two technologies (LTE & IDAS Digital PMR) merged into one, provides a range of options and applications for industries ranging from event and facility management to large utility infrastructure projects.

When you first look at the IP730D series you will notice it has two PTT buttons; the main PTT button and the sub PTT button. You can use one for LTE communication and the other for an IDAS/Analogue channel. The sub PTT button offers smooth switching between talking on LTE and IDAS/Analogue channels.

With this level of ease you get the best of both worlds in one unit.

LTE Mode
LTE mode provides secure private push-to-talk nationwide communication over an LTE (4G) and 3G network. This provides coverage into building basements or high-rise floors where conventional radio systems may not reach. The IP730D series provides full-duplex operation in LTE mode. This allows users to talk and receive at the same time, much like a telephone conversation.

Professional Two Way Radio Mode
Conventional VHF/UHF two way radio mode provides a stable, local alternative allowing you to operate in a local environment such as a stadium or theme park to remote, mountainous areas where mobile signal may not be available. It would also be suitable for other areas where cellular signals are inaccessible like tunnels or in large scale events when there is a possibility the cellular network becomes congested by an incident or an overwhelming amount of use. Professional two way radio mode provides an essential backup communication system.

Bridge Mode Function* is another exciting feature of this new hybrid radio. In this instance providing a literal bridge between the two technologies. The IP730D series is able to transmit/receive to an LTE radio from an IDAS digital radio and vice versa by either Main PTT or Sub PTT or both at the same time.

Main features of the IP730D series:
• Hybrid IP radio that combines an LTE radio and a conventional professional radio in one unit (IDAS digital/analogue mode)
• Dual mode operation for simultaneously receiving/transmitting in LTE and conventional professional radio modes
• Bridge mode function* relays received IDAS digital audio to the LTE radio group, while transferring the LTE radio conversations to the IDAS digital group
• Built-in Bluetooth wireless technology
• IP67 dust-tight and waterproof specifications that can be used even in environments exposed to rain or dust
• GPS function that can display the location information of the terminal on a PC map software or browser (LTE mode only)
• Compatible with RMS-IP LTE Radio Dispatcher
• Adding the optional VE-PG4 RoIP gateway and you can expand the communication area and link with other/existing communication equipment within the system.

This product is now available for sale from authorised Icom Commercial Dealers. For more information about this product, visit the IP730D series product page on our website where you will find full specifications and a video overview. Alternatively, give our team a call on 01227 741741 or email

*Bridge function can only be performed in LTE & IDAS modes only.

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