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Icom UK – Proud Partners of the MSS Colchester Kawasaki British Superbike Championship Team

Icom UK – Proud Partners of the MSS Colchester Kawasaki British Superbike Championship Team

Icom UK are continuing their sponsorship of MSS Discovery Kawasaki, the official Supersport Team for Kawasaki Motors Europe throughout the 2010 season with a donation of IC-F15 handportable transceivers.

High noise level is an inherent problem in the motorsport industry; communications can be distorted, misunderstood or simply not heard. Icom’s IC-F15 series radios are designed to withstand serious industrial use and are easy to operate - making them perfect for use in a busy pit lane.

The IC-F15s have been integral to the team’s performance, distributing crucial instructions and information and will be used by all members of the team including the team manager, crew chief, tyre technician and the two race mechanics.

Nick Morgan, joint owner of MSS Discovery Racing commented, “Communication is a huge problem in Motorsport mainly due to the noise, distance and the crucial timing involved. Everybody has to be totally aware at all times of the current situation of the Qualifying session. One bad call and you can slide down the leader board within seconds, so clear precise instructions are of paramount importance”.

He added, “For expert co-ordination and communication for the whole team Radio equipment was absolutely essential and the radios Icom have provided us with have proved 100% reliable and have made our lives so much easier”.

In the 2009 season Simon Andrews achieved the team's first podium finish with a 3rd at Cadwell Park. His impressive final championship standing of 6th place was closely followed by team mate Julien Da Costa in 7th.

Icom UK wishes the team the best of luck for the 2010 season!

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