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New Simple Headset for Icom Marine Handheld Radios

New Simple Headset for Icom Marine Handheld Radios

We are pleased to provide details of a new simple headset for many of our popular handheld marine VHF radios. The ProEquip PRO-P245-35WP will offer more flexibility and comfort when out and about on the water, allowing you to keep your radio on your belt and helping you concentrate on essential tasks.

The ProEquip PRO-P245-35WP is a black headset with a D-Shaped earpiece and lapel mic. This headset meets IP54 waterproof protection when worn on the ear, providing protection from spray.

The ProEquip PRO-P245-35WP is compatible with the following Icom models: IC-M25EURO, IC-M37E, IC-M94DE, and our legacy radios IC-M33, IC-M35 and the IC-M93DE. This headset is also compatible with the IP110H IP Business Radio Handset.

The ProEquip PRO-P245-35WP is now available from all Icom Marine dealers with a suggested retail price of £26.40 Inc.VAT.

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