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Read our Latest LTE/PoC Radio Knowledge Base Articles

Read our Latest LTE/PoC Radio Knowledge Base Articles

We have recently published two knowledge base articles about our LTE/POC (Push-to-Talk Over Cellular) radio system.

The first article highlights how Icom's LTE two-way radios are an excellent solution for managing running, cycling, and triathlon events. The article covers how Icom LTE/PoC radios offer reliable and secure communication for event organisers, volunteers and participants making it easier to coordinate and respond to any issues that may arise during an event.

The second article focuses on the benefits of Icom's LTE POC two-way radio for highway maintenance. It outlines the radio system's many advantages, allowing seamless communication between teams and allowing for quick response to any maintenance needs.

To read these knowledge-base articles, click on the following links:

Why Icom LTE Two Way Radios are a Great Solution for Running, Cycling and Triathlon Events

How Icom LTE/PoC Two Way Radio Can Assist Highway Maintenance

Icom's latest LTE/POC radio technology offers a range of benefits for many industries, providing reliable and secure communication solutions.

To learn more about the Icom LTE/PoC radio system, visit our website's Icom LTE/PoC Radio System web pages.

Alternatively, you can contact our Systems team on 01227 741741 or email the address below.

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