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Icom VE-PG3 Radio Over IP Gateway, NEW!

Icom VE-PG3 Radio Over IP Gateway, NEW!

Icom UK is pleased to introduce the VE-PG3 radio over IP gateway which can be used as a telephone integrator linking analogue and digital radios over an IP network.

The VE-PG3 has two function modes:

Bridge mode
This interconnects two or more RoIP networks allowing a radio user to talk to other radio group users over the network. The VE-PG3 can connect dispersed radio systems over the network and can provide cross band communication between VHF and UHF or IDAS NXDN digital and analogue conventional radio systems.

Converter mode
This interconnects calls between connected IP phone, analogue phone and radio systems. Radio users can dial to a public switched telephone network (PSTN) line or an IP phone number. In addition, external equipment such as a public address system, red lights and/or sirens can be connected to the VE-PG3. Radio and telephone users can also remotely operate them over the network.

The VE-PG3 has two external equipment connectors for audio input/output and other switching allowing you to connect a public address system, siren, warning light and other external equipment to the VE-PG3.

In addition to the bridge and converter modes, there is a mixing function. The mixing function mixes the bridged audio to other bridges. It can also provide site-to-multisite communication even on a network which does not support IP multicast routing.

For further information, contact our Commercial team on 01227 741741 or via email at the address below.

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