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Marine VHF Radio Lost and Found after 4 Months at the Bottom of a Lake!

Marine VHF Radio Lost and Found after 4 Months at the Bottom of a Lake!

We love receiving stories about how are radios are used and how they exceed customers expectations. We recently had a nice little story from Tim Miles-Hayler, Bosun at the Notts County Sailing Club.

Tim takes up the story...

I am the bosun of Notts County Sailing Club on Hoveringham Lake Nottingham. On January the 1st 2016 we had a New Year's race. One of our duty crew was wearing this radio when it got unclipped and fell into the lake. They presumed it was one of our older Icom’s that does not float and had sunk, so no one searched for it.

On my return to the club (after being ill) in April I decided to do a tidy up at the bottom of our lake. Whilst picking up rubbish we came across the IC-M23 radio some 4 months later.

After close examination the inside looked dry and there was only a little condensation on the screen. I took the radio home and a few days later charged it up, the battery seems to hold its charge, all channels and buttons work, the microphone is good but the speaker needs replacing and the screen has been marked by being on a rocky shore for 4 months.

I would just like to say how pleased we are with the quality of your radios. To still be working after being in the water for that time and being on a rocky shore as well is amazing.’ Thanks Tim for this story and we are so pleased that it is still working. For more details about Notts County Sailing Club, visit their website on:

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