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Make a Splash with Icom’s New Waterproof IC-F3032S Simple to Use Two way Business Radio

Make a Splash with Icom’s New Waterproof IC-F3032S Simple to Use Two way Business Radio

One of the things that you can rely on is that the British Weather is going to be unpredictable. If you are a business and have employees working outside you generally need to find equipment that will work in all weathers. If you are a business that uses two way radio, finding a model that can stand up to the elements and suits your business needs can be difficult.

Well Icom have launched a new series of two way radios that solves this problem and ticks each box for waterproof protection, durability, simplicity of use and of course value. The radio series is called the IC-F3032 waterproof two way radio series and provides effective two way communication in both VHF and UHF versions.

When you look at this two way radio you notice that it has a stylish, straightforward design. It doesn’t have too many buttons to intimidate the casual worker and the LCD display allows a variety of information to be displayed including user’s identity. On closer inspection you will also see a red button at the top of the radio which can be assigned as an emergency button.

Perhaps the main feature of this new model is that it is TOTALLY dust tight and waterproof. The IC-F3032S has been measured against a special rating called IP67 which means it can withstand 1metre depth of water for 30 minutes and its dust-tight construction prevents ingress of powder dust, sand, mud and other objects. The supplied Li-Ion battery (which provides 17.5 hours* of operating time) has been designed for reliability in extremely cold environments. Icom can also supply a specially designed speaker microphone for this series which is waterproof as well creating a total waterproof communication solution.

Add a military spec construction and you have a model that is suited for a wide range of workers from stewards to construction workers. In fact the build of this radio makes it suitable for those who work close to water such as ferry workers, port operators or even swimming pool attendants. A lone worker function is a standard feature on this radio. The IC-F3032 waterproof two way radio series can be configured in such a way that when the radio is not operated for a preset time, the radio will sound a beep requiring an individual to push any button. If no button is pushed, an emergency signal will be automatically transmitted informing fellow workers that something may have happened to that individual. An optional man down board is also available to safeguard employees.

The IC-F3032S series contains many standard features allowing it to fit in with existing systems including built-in 5-Tone encoder/decoder, CTCSS/DTCS capabilities, and DTMF autodial and priority scan. Various option boards will work with this model allowing it to be customized to suit most customer requirements. So if you want greater encryption, an optional voice scrambler is available.

So if you are looking at a simple yet effective waterproof two way radio solution at a great price, check out the IC-F3032 waterproof two way radio series from Icom UK.


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