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Introducing the Icom IC-F27SR Professional Licence Free Two Way Radio... High Performance Comms for Your Business!

Introducing the Icom IC-F27SR Professional Licence Free Two Way Radio... High Performance Comms for Your Business!

Icom is pleased to introduce the new ICF27SR Professional Licence Free Two Way Radio.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager for Icom UK said, 'We are excited to be able to bring this new radio to the PMR446 market. The IC-F27SR Professional Licence Free Two Way Radio is designed for businesses who require a reliable, no nonsense licence free radio. It is extremely durable, simple to use and offers high performance at a great price. Here at Icom we realise that the control of costs is paramount in business and know that the PMR446 licence free service provides extremely cost effective communication; there are no airtime contracts, no call charges, and no licence fees.'

Designed for the commercial sector, the IC-F27SR is easy to use. Being light to carry and fitting comfortably in the hand, this is a radio that can go everywhere. The IC-F27SR is extremely rugged and has been tested to 11 categories of environmental military standards for dust protection and water resistance making it equally suited to indoor or outdoor use.

There are just three controls: transmit button, volume control and channel selector. This simple interface makes it ideal for high turnover environments and shift work where the radio is often passed from person to person.

Despite its commercial grade construction, the IC-F27SR is pleasingly compact and light. This straightforward design is backed up by great features and high performance. The IC-F27SR features highly efficient circuitry which reduces battery consumption, providing up to a massive 35.5 hours of operating time with the supplied BP-265 2000mAh Lithium Ion battery pack. A fast charger is supplied as standard which minimises down time by returning the radio to service rapidly. This means that a single charge will last an entire shift and more.

The IC-F27SR features outstanding audio quality. The improved audio is provided from a built in amplifier that provides 800mW audio output from the large 45mm speaker. This means the IC-F27SR can deliver loud and intelligible audio even in extremely noisy environments such as a busy shop floor or construction site.

For multi-group use the IC-F27SR features channel scanning. And when you need hands free operation, the IC-F27SR features a built-in VOX function when used with our optional headset adapter cable.

The IC-F27SR shares many of the accessories with the Icom range of professional radios including headsets, speaker microphones, batteries, cases etc.

To give added confidence, the IC-F27SR has a 2-year warranty.

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