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Badger Bags A Buoyant Bounty

Badger Bags A Buoyant Bounty

Ray Bradman and his dog Badger were recently out for their daily walk along Woodside Bay on the Isle of Wight, when Badger sped off towards the sea for some playing and splashing. Shortly afterwards, Badger came bounding back with an IC-M33 he’d found in the surf. When Ray eventually prised the radio off Badger, he found that it was still working perfectly, even though it had been submerged for some considerable time!

Badger’s owner Ray commented, “It was only because I’d forgotten Badger’s ball, that he quickly found a substitute; the IC-M33. I think it was still receiving, which might be why Badger was drawn towards it.”

ICOM UK made numerous attempts to trace the owner of the radio to reunite them, but was unsuccessful.

ICOM UK has donated £200 to Caroline Bennett at the Canterbury branch of the Dogs Trust, in honour of Badger’s perceptive qualities.

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