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Icom’s best selling marine transceiver just got better

Icom’s best selling marine transceiver just got better

Icom is pleased to add a Lithium-Ion version of its best selling transceiver, the IC-M31 to its range of waterproof handheld radios. The introduction of the BP-241 1150mAh Li-Ion battery pack and the BC-162 single desktop rapid charger as standard accessories means that customers now have the opportunity of purchasing an Icom Li-Ion marine handheld at an unbeatable price. The Li-Ion battery adds greater reliability and reassurance to an already exceptionally good value marine handheld transceiver.

The Li-Ion battery provides larger capacity and a longer operating time than any Ni-Cd or Ni-MH battery pack and allows flexible charging without the risk of there being any memory effects to the radio. With Li-Ion is there is no need to fully discharge before recharging so you can top the battery up to make sure it always fully charged for whenever you need.

To coincide with the Li-Ion battery version of the IC-M31 Icom is launching the BC-162 battery charger. The BC-162 distinguishes between Li-Ion and Ni-Cd batteries so no charger adapters are required which makes it ideal for use with new and existing IC-M31’s.

The IC-M31 carries many of the features that users have come to expect from Icom. These include one-touch channel selection TAG scanning; one-touch channel 16 selection; normal/priority scan selections; and dual/tri watch. There’s even a self-check diagnostic feature.

The IC-M31 will be available in August in two different formats.

The ‘Lithium-Ion Pack’ includes BP-241 Li-Ion Battery pack and BC-162 single desktop rapid charger BC-145 AC Adapter with BP-223 battery case, belt clip, hand strap and a handbook.

The ‘Ni-Cd Standard Pack’ includes BC-150 drop in charge pod, BC-01 AC Adapter with BP-224 Ni-Cd battery, BP-223 battery case, belt clip, hand strap and a handbook.

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