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Save When You Trade In Your GMDSS Survival Craft VHF!

Save When You Trade In Your GMDSS Survival Craft VHF!

As a commercial maritime customer, we know that safety is of paramount importance to you. We understand that you want only the best equipment on your vessel. With this in mind we are providing you with the opportunity of trading in ANY GMDSS survival Craft transceiver for our latest model, the IC-GM1600E with a trade-in value of over £100. This will mean that you have the opportunity of buying a brand new radio that meets strict GMDSS requirements for survival craft radios at a special discounted retail price of £325 ex.vat.

So what do I need to do?
1. Contact Icom UK Marine Sales who will be able to forward you details of your local participating UK dealer. Upon receipt of your order, your radios will be delivered to you normally within 7 working days.
2. You will have 3 weeks to replace your radios. All GMDSS transceivers should be returned to your dealer who will forward to Icom UK for safe disposal/recycling.
3. Failure to return goods to the dealer will result in you being invoiced the difference between retail price and special retail price.

If you have any question regarding this special offer, contact Sales on 01227 741741 or email the sales address provided.

Icom UK Sales -


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