IC-F5330D/F6330D Series

IC-F5330D/F6330D Series
IC-F5330D/F6330D VHF/UHF Digital Mobile Radio Series

The IC-F5330D/F6330D mobile radio series offers flexible and multiple installation possibilities as the primary radio unit and remote Commandmic can be connected using an Ethernet cable. This new mobile radio solution can be extended up to 100 metres with a Cat 5e LAN cable. The Commandmic features a high contrast black LCD providing straightforward operation in any light.

General Features
- IC-F55330D (VHF) 136–174), IC-F6330D (UHF) 400–520 MHz versions
- 128 Channels / 8 Zones
- Two-piece configuration – Commandmic + black box main unit
- Commandmic is powered from the main unit through an Ethernet cable*
- High contrast, wide viewing angle, black background display on the Commandmic
- 1700 mW (typical) audio output from the Commandmic
- Meets MIL-STD-810 G standards for shock, vibration, temperature and more
- IPX4 water splash resistance for the Commandmic
- DTMF autodial memories capability

* This can be extended to up to 100m, 328 ft. (Cat 5e LAN cable user supplied).

Operating Mode
- NXDN conventional
- NXDN Type-D single-site trunking - NXDN simulcast
- NXDN multi-site conventional over IP network
- Analogue mode

Digital Functions (Voice and Data)
- PTT ID and ANI
- Over-the-Air Alias (OAA) displays the caller’s name without programming
- Individual, Group and All call
- Late entry for Group call
- Status call and Polling call
- Short data messages
- Call alert
- Radio check (RX only)

Analogue Functions
- CTCSS and DTCS tone
- 5-Tone
- MDC functions; PTT ID, Emergency (TX/RX), Radio check (RX), Stun (RX), Revive (RX)
- BIIS PTT ID transmission

Security and Safety
- Digital voice scrambler - Emergency call and Lone worker - Remote monitor (RX) - Radio Kill, Stun and Revive (RX)

Scan Functions
- Priority scan monitors one or two priority channels while scanning non-priority channels
- Voting scan automatically selects the optimal repeater site

Hardware Features
- Set an IP address for main unit and Commandmic
- GPS receiver connection with optional ACC cable
- Optional D-SUB connector, OPC-2078/OPC-1939, for external PTT, channel, horn, ignition switch, and dimmer control, according to programming.

Flexible Installation with a PoE Switch and IP Network
Using a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch (as the power supply to the microphone) and an IP network, you can easily install the IC-F5330D series into a building. In this installation scenario, you don’t have to worry about the distance between the main unit and the Commandmic. Also, as the main (RF) unit can be installed close to the antenna, cable loss is kept to a minimum.

Advanced System Example with VE-PG4
The VE-PG4 is a versatile RoIP (Radio over IP network) gateway unit, which interconnects the IC-F5330D series with other radio systems, even when the systems are using different bands*.

As shown in the example, any transmission from the “Radio System A” is bridged to other radio systems, so the radio user in the “Radio System A” can talk to all connected radio users in the figure.

* Cross band operation may be prohibited in some countries. Please check the legal requirements in your country before installation.

  • Flexible installation using an ethernet cable between main unit and Commandmic
  • Loud and intelligible audio even in noisy environments
  • Input /Output Interface for External Devices with Optional D-SUB Accessory Cable
  • Dual Mode Operation – IDAS Digital Mode and Analogue FM Mode
  • 400 – 520 MHz Wide Frequency Coverage (IC-F6330D UHF version)
  • OPC-1939
    15-pin accessory cable
  • OPC-2078
    25-pin accessory cable
  • OPC-2478
    DC Power Cable
  • OPC-2479
    DC Power Cable
  • ProEquip PRO-BT560
    Bluetooth PTT microphone with volume control and 3.5mm connector for headset.
  • SP-30
    20W rated input power (30W max. input) external speaker
  • SP-35
    The SP-35 external speaker replaces the SP-22 or SP-25 external speakers currently supplied with some of our mobile radios. The SP-35 is very similar to the SP-22 or SP-25 but features a more stylish, modern design.
  • SP-35L
    External Speaker with 6m cable
  • VE-PG4
    The VE-PG4 is a versatile RoIP (Radio over IP network) gateway unit, which seamlessly interconnects LMR radios, LTE radios*, IP communication terminals, IP phone systems and external devices. In addition to the IP Network (LAN/WAN), the built-in LTE module (network coverage provided by a custom SIM card) provides virtually nationwide communication coverage.
    *Icom custom SIM card required for LTE systems/use.

The ICOM IC-F5330D / F6330D series is a new digital/analogue radio series designed for mobile or base station use. As well as being a powerful, compact radio, one of the main features of this new radio series is the Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable connection between the main radio unit and the remote-control Commandmic. This allows you to fully use the radio station at a distance of up to 100 metres from the central unit... an incredibly useful feature for tricky installations.

In this video we give a demonstration of this capability.

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