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RMS-Net (Radio Messaging System)

RMS-Net (Radio Messaging System)

Icom UK is pleased to launch RMS-Net, a single software solution that merges radio and computer technology to provide organisations with a host of management and health and safety benefits. RMS-Net software integrates desktop PC's, Icom handportables, base-station and talk-through repeaters into a single sophisticated system and is capable of working on a local or wide area network. A central computer logs all radio traffic whilst desktop users stay in touch via their own computer. RMS-Net supports a broad range of communication methods including SELCALL, FFSK (allowing text messaging), GPS and in the future, mapping. Based on your requirements RMS-Net offers essential safety features such as mandown alerts, panic buttons and anti-theft devices. The merging of radio and software into RMS-Net provides organisations with improved management of health and safety by promoting efficient communication with the mobile workforce.

Running on the Microsoft Windows operating system, RMS-Net follows XP style for look and feel. RMS-Net will save hours of precious time by generating reports to analyse the performance and activity of their staff. When used in conjunction with other modern security systems and in particular closed circuit TV, RMS-Net can provide a detailed view of activity and staff deployment in an area. The system is designed to be fully interactive ensuring dispatchers/supervisors are able to monitor and respond rapidly to situations as they occur.

With RMS-Net you can add other software modules such as the I-Loc Security Management System or I-Read Guard Tour Management System. This means RMS-Net can be used in a variety of areas where Health & Safety, communication and management control are of importance. These include Hospitals; Shopping Centres; Schools, Colleges and Universities; Power Plants; Property Management; Hazardous industrial areas; Maintenance staff; Parking control; Facility managers or areas of high security risk.

A major strength of RMS-Net is its reporting features. All radio traffic is logged and stored on a central database. This is ideal for management control and future resource planning including personnel database management. It may provide motivation for staff to perform their assigned tasks and provide conclusive documentation that they have done so.

With the addition of the I-Loc/I-Read software suite, the reporting features can provide a real-time view of staff resources deployed in or around an area.RMS-Net is a client/server application that runs on a computer network with clients connected over a wide area. This makes it an ideal resource for a widespread organisation such as a council who has separate departments for waste, transportation etc. Each section could possibly have their own separate client.

In addition the centralised nature of the system ensures rapid response to incidents as they occur as well as the managed prevention of potential incidents.With RMS-Net it is possible to rapidly see the database and find out which radios are logged on and are being used on that day. This is achieved by decoding the radio’s unique ID at 'switch on' and flagging the user as active on the system. The handportables are supplied pre-programmed with text and status messages so that users can easily keep the central control room informed of routine operations.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager for Icom UK Ltd said, 'RMS-Net offers an incrediible amount of benefits for an organisation. Take a shopping centre for instance, RMS-Net can alert staff of security issues without the risk of being overheard. You can use text messages to circulate security information such as descriptions of known offenders. This is just one of the many cutting edge features that the RMS-Net solution can provide.'

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