Why consider Two-Way Radio for Social Distancing?

Why consider Two-Way Radio for Social Distancing?

Two way radios have always provided a cost-effective and efficient way of instantly communicating. They are also the ultimate tool for social distancing and have helped businesses deal with the COVID 19 pandemic.

At the start of the pandemic, government guidelines called for businesses to limit the number of customers on their premises at any given time and to introduce one-way systems for customers. Two way radios became an essential tool allowing staff to direct customers and uphold social distancing and hygiene practices, preventing any unnecessary contact.

Throughout the pandemic, most businesses have continued to use two-way radios to coordinate customers entering their stores and organise customer flow and guide customers to an appropriate till. This is in addition to the usual way that radios have been used to manage staff, stock check, and make sure everything is in place.

Two way radios are also being used more to help delivery services. Many companies are making significant adjustments to the way people are shopping such as click & collect. Radios can help by allowing your team to call back and forth to adjust orders given to the shop's front end or takeaways… an indispensable tool for such a service.

There are many Icom solutions available from short-range licence free walkie talkies, UHF/VHF handportables in digital/analogue formats to IP radios that work on a organisations Wi-Fi.

Some radios, such as LTE radios, can provide nationwide coverage but with radio functionality so that staff can cost-effectively keep in touch and work remotely from home.

Radio is an excellent help for running your business, social distancing and keeping you and your staff safe.

So, get in touch with us today on 01227 741741 or sales@icomuk.co.uk for more information about our solutions and be put through to an Icom dealer who will be able to look after your communication requirements in these difficult times.

Further information on distancing guidelines


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