RS-R30 Remote Control Software

The RS-R30I for iOS devices, and the RS-R30A for Android devices can be downloaded for free.

They enable you to wirelessly connect to the IC-R30 and remotely control VFO operation, memory channels, a variety of scans and the voice recording functions. Using the optional VS-3, Bluetooth® headset, the VS-3 and iOS/Android device can be wirelessly connected to the IC-R30 at the same time. You can control the IC-R30 from the iOS/Android device while listening to the received audio on the VS-3 optional Bluetooth headset.

Dualwatch Operation
The RS-R30I/A can control dualwatch operation. The group and memory channels, the band, scan and recording functions can be set on the Dualwatch screen.

Function Setting
You can quickly change function settings by using the iOS/Android device by touching the screen. You can quickly change function settings by using the iOS™/Android™ device by touching the screen.

VOL/SQL Adjustment
The volume/squelch levels can be controlled. The volume settings for Dualwatch operation can be separately/simultaneously set for each band.

Wireless Operation with an Optional Bluetooth Headset
The optional VS-3 Bluetooth headset offers flexible operating styles. You can put the IC-R30 into your pocket and wirelessly listen to the received audio.

To download either remote control software follow these links.

RS-R30I remote control software (for iOS)
RS-R30A remote control software (for Android devices)

  • IC-R30
    The Icom IC-R30 wideband handheld receiver is capable of receiving over a wide (0.1 to 3304.999 MHz) frequency range in AM, FM, WFM, USB, LSB and CW, but can also decode digital modes including P25, NXDN, dPMR, D-STAR and Japanese domestic DCR.
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