IP1100CV IP/WLAN System Controller

IP1100CV IP/WLAN System Controller
IP1100CV IP/WLAN System Controller

The IP1100CV is a new system controller for use as part of Icom’s advanced IP/wireless LAN radio system allowing you to build a communication system using your existing wireless LAN network. A communication network can be easily and quickly be set up by installing one IP1100CV controller onto an existing network or by deploying wireless LAN access points around a building/location. The IP1100CV is the successor to the IP1000C and has many improvements on its predecessor including expanding the wireless LAN radio system capability.

300 WLAN Radios Can Be Registered
The IP1100CV can register up to 300 WLAN radios (including IP100FS terminals), triple the number of the IP1000C system. When the IP100FS Wireless LAN radio application software is installed, you can use your Windows PC to communicate with the IP110H/ IP100H wireless LAN radios.

Up to 500 IP110H Programmable Call Addresses
The IP1100CV functions as an auto-provisioning server. This function uses the IP1100CV to provide configuration settings for the IP100H/IP110H wireless LAN radios. When a wireless LAN radio is connected to the network, the configuration setting is automatically applied to that radio. When used with the IP100H/IP110H handset, the IP1100CV can allow call list of up to 500 call addresses (previously 50 call addresses) for individual and group calls.

2.5 Gbps WAN Port and VPN Router Function
The built-in 2.5 Gbps WAN port and VPN router function (available between IP1100CVs or IP1100CV and VE-PG4) can link multiple sites with a secure VPN tunnel via the Internet and extend the communication area of the wireless LAN radio system. By connecting between IP1100CVs using an Internet VPN, for instance, staff in a Head Office can communicate via wireless LAN radio with its remote branches.

19-inch Rack Mount Design
When combined with the optional MBF-6 rack mount bracket the IP1100CV perfectly fits into a 19-inch server rack.

WLAN Radio System Programmable with a Web Browser
Configurations of the IP110CV is done via a web browser. Data settings can be exported to a USB memory, also the saved data can be imported into the IP1100CV for easy maintenance.

Other Features
・Online firmware update capability
・Security Slot can reduce the risk of theft

  • New system controller for the Icom IP110H/IP100H wireless LAN radio/handset
  • 300 WLAN Radios Can Be Registered
  • Up to 500 IP110H Programmable Call Addresses
  • 2.5 Gbps WAN Port and VPN Router Function
  • 19-inch Rack Mount Design
  • WLAN Radio System Programmable with a Web Browser
  • IP100H IP Radio/Handset
    Despite its size, Icom’s compact IP100H WLAN/IP radio, is a powerful radio packed with many features.
  • IP110H IP/WLAN Radio Handset
    The Icom IP110H is a compact two-way radio/handset that operates using your Wi-Fi network. The IP110H can be used as part of a wider WLAN radio system allowing you to use your local LAN to implement a communications system that can scale even in the largest buildings. Unlike traditional PMR radios, because the IP110H uses existing WLAN instead of radio frequencies, it does not require a licence or licence application. Therefore the handset can be used by anyone instantly, once the system has been set up.
  • MBF-6
    A half-width 19-inch rack mount bracket
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