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Into the Future with Icom Digital Business Radio

Into the Future with Icom Digital Business Radio

Everything is digital these days, or if not, is moving towards digital. And there are good reasons for Business radio customers to go with the flow. Today, radio frequencies are tight, bandwidth demand is up and customers are expecting more features and performance from their radio system.

Radio manufacturer Icom provides a flexible digital radio system called IDAS that provides multiple benefits to business and industry users who are looking to migrate their current analogue system to digital. Today, IDAS offers a complete system of handheld radios, mobile radios, repeaters and now network interface/trunking controller, IP-based virtual radio, various accessories….in fact IDAS now provides the complete system solution.

Digital radios can be already found in factories, warehouses, hotels, construction sites, security and transportation and there are a number of digital radio solutions to satisfy this broad range of customers. For smaller businesses looking for a localised, licence free solution, Icom provide the IC-F4029SDR, a professional, digital licence free, transceiver that provides fantastic audio quality, secure communications, status messaging and high performance with no licence fee to pay.

Moving towards a more sophisticated solution, an IDAS radio scheme can feature models such as handhelds (IC-F3162 series), mobiles (IC-F5062 series) and repeater (IC-F5100 series) which are capable of digital/analogue mixed mode operation. This means that they can receive both analogue and digital mode signals on a single channel. Mixed mode operation is a benefit for the business customer as there is no need to buy a complete system outright, an important consideration in the current economic climate. This can help the transition from an existing analogue system to digital.

IDAS features modern, narrow channel spacing making it incredibly spectrum efficient, saving the customer money in licensing and allowing them to potentially double the users on the current channel capacity of 12.5 kHz narrow band technology. In addition, IDAS radios feature outstanding audio and superb noise cancelling properties. When comparing digital with analogue, the audio quality of analogue gradually deteriorates with static noise as the distance increases. On the other hand, digital provides stable audio for longer until the edge of the communication range due to ‘the amazing properties of error correction’.

Recently there have been more developments with IDAS. With the introduction of the UC-FR5000 IDAS digital trunking and network controller board, which literally plugs into the IC-FR5100 repeater means that an IDAS system can provide a digital radio infrastructure over a much larger geographical area. The new controller board allows a business to utilise a conventional IP network to connect dispersed sites over different cities, counties or even countries. It is even possible to use this technology on areas where radio coverage has been difficult to deploy such as in a tall building. With an IDAS network controller board; you can create a conventional IP network to have radio communications all the way from the basement to the top floor, all in stable digital audio. Already deployed LAN cables can be used in an in-building solution resulting in improved customer service and increased productivity for your business.

The UC-FR5000 IDAS trunking board allows a company to operate a single-site digital trunking system. This works differently to an ordinary radio system by sharing multiple channels across different radio groups, allowing more users onto a radio system. Icom’s single site digital trunking system is ideal for organisation with a high volume of voice traffic such as hotels, hospitals, warehouses, manufacturing plants and other medium to large single-site facilities.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK Ltd said,' most businesses today have more and more demands made on them. IDAS provides a solution that provides so many benefits which will lead to enhanced security, greater efficiency, and improved customer service.’

Icom has a national dealer network. For more details about the benefits that IDAS can bring to your business or to find your local Icom agent, contact Icom at

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