IC-M87E Compact/Waterproof VHF PBR/Marine handheld (Discontinued)

Designed with particular emphasis on commercial use the IC-M87 is a high class business marine handheld that meets both marine and simple Private Business Radio (PBR) applications*. Compact and with a tough construction, the IC-M87 meets military standard requirements (MIL-STD) and is built to the same waterproof standard employed by the IC-M1EuroV and IC-M21.

This product is no longer available. If you are looking for a replacement, then please visit the IC-M85E VHF/PBR Marine Transceiver product page.

*An appropriate licence will be required.

The IC-M87 can be used for both marine and basic PBR applications . A simple push of a button changes the operating band between marine and PBR channels. Up to 22 free channels are available for land use (146¡V174MHz). Wide/narrow channel spacing is programmable for each channel, and CTCSS and DTCS signalling is built-in.

Although aimed at the commercial users, the IC-M87 is ideal for leisure boat users who want a premium quality compact transceiver. The IC-M87 has an abundance of standard features including dual and tri watch, tag and priority scanning, an adjustable button-beep tone level, signal strength indicator, sub-channel display and battery indicator.

All controls are large and easy to use, and have been carefully designed and positioned to provide the simplest of user interfaces at all times on land or sea. Even when wearing gloves, the large buttons are easy to operate. In addition a large, clear backlit LCD and backlit buttons provide instant recognition of data and ensure reliable communication in any lighting conditions.

The IC-M87 comes with the BP-227 Li-Ion battery pack as standard. The battery's 1700mAh capacity allows longer battery life; a maximum of 15 hours* operation, without memory effect of the battery. An optional AA alkaline battery case, BP-226, provides a convenient back-up and great reassurance in an emergency. The IC-M87 has a powerful output power of 5 watts ensuring the reliability of your communication with the standard battery pack, even over long distances. To save on battery consumption, the user can reduce the output power to 3 Watts or 1 Watt.

An intrinsically-safe (IS) version of the IC-M87 will be available soon for use in hazardous environments on land and at sea, such as oil rigs, natural gas tankers, etc. The intrinsically-safe version will have a built-in voice scrambler with 32 codes that will be compatible with the UT-112.

Coming with an extended 3-year warranty available, the IC-M87 is supplied with the BC-152 Slow Battery Charger, BC-01 Charger Adapter, BP-227 Li-Ion Battery Pack, FA-S59V antenna, MB-79 Belt Clip and handbook. The BC-152 desktop charger can also be mounted on a wall and will accept various power sources such an AC adapter, cigarette lighter LEAD, or DC power supply.

The IC-M87 has a wide range of optional accessories available including the HM-138 waterproof speaker microphone. The optional rapid desktop charger BC-119N and multi-charger BC-121N are also available to charge the IC-M87 in 2.5 hours (AD-100 charger adapter is required).

  • Rugged compact and lightweight body (280 g with battery pack)
  • Standard Li-Ion battery pack (7.2V/1700mAh) (IS approved Li-Ion battery pack will also be available)
  • PBR mode (146-174 MHz) with 22 free programmable channels
  • Waterproof construction
  • CTCSS/DTCS tone signalling standard in PBR mode
  • Optional waterproof speaker microphone, HM-138
  • Intrinsically safe version available later (Factory Mutual or similar)
  • 32 code voice scrambler circuit incorporated as standard for IS versions. The scrambler function will be equivalent to the UT-112 used
  • with the IC-M1EuroV. Note: Non IS versions will not have scrambler capability. It is not possible to install an optional voice scrambler
  • unit or upgrade the circuitry)
  • Dual/Tri watch in Marine mode
  • Ergonomic key layout for simple operation
  • Optional battery case (AA (R6) x 5 cell type)
  • Extended 3 year warranty available
  • Switchable Wide/Narrow channel spacing for both marine/PBR channels
  • Monitor function
  • Self check function checks temperature, battery voltage, water intrusion
  • Channel 16 and Channel 9 instant access
  • Simple Up/Down switches for channel selection
  • 4 step battery indicator
  • Beep sound is selectable for each button
  • High speed cloning (19200bps) between PC and transceiver
  • Normal, priority and tag scanning with auto scan start function
  • AD-100
    Charger adapter (for use with BC-119N and BC-121N)
  • BC-06
    UK 12v 1Amp charger.
  • BC-119N
    Universal Icom Fast Charger
  • BC-121N
    Six Way Rapid Multi Charger
  • BC-145
    AC adapter for BC-119N & BC-144
  • BC-152
    Slow Desktop Charger for IC-F51 & IC-M87
  • BP-226
    The BP-266 battery case allows you to use 5 standard alkaline batteries AA (R6).
  • BP-227
    7.2V/1700mAh Li-Ion battery pack
  • CASE.051
    Leather case for IC-M87E & IC-F51/61 (non-ATEX versions).
  • CP-17L
    Cigar lighter lead for battery chargers
  • FA-S59V
    SMA type antenna (std)
  • FA-S62VS
    The VHF FA-S62VS stubby antennas is designed for the IC-F51 and IC-M87 transceivers.
  • FA-S63VS
    The VHF FA-S63VS stubby antenna is designed for the IC-F51, IC-F61 and IC-M87 transceivers.
  • HM-138
    Waterproof Speaker Microphone (equivalent to IPX-7)
  • HS-94
    Headset (Ear-piece type)
  • HS-95
    Provides Hands-free operation.
  • HS-97
    Earphone with Throat-mic
  • MB-86
    Swivel Belt Clip
  • OPC-515L
    DC lead for battery chargers
  • OPC-966
    OPC-966 Cloning/MAP27 Interface Cable (PC to transceiver)
  • ProEquip PRO-P280SC
    Clear Acoustic Tube Speaker Microphone (Black).
  • VS-1SC
    Vox/PTT switch unit for use with the HS-94, HS-95, HS-96 & HS-97.
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