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‘Round Ireland Powerboat & RIB Challenge 2013’ Endorsement for Icom

‘Round Ireland Powerboat & RIB Challenge 2013’ Endorsement for Icom

Icom UK have received a fantastic testimonial from the organiser of the 2013 Round Ireland Powerboat & RIB Challenge. The event saw 27 boats from all over Europe take part in the first attempt of an anti-clockwise circumnavigation of Ireland by a powered flotilla. A total of 19 boats completed the punishing near 1000 mile voyage on the 5th August.

The teams met varied conditions - from light breezes to blinding rain storms and extreme winds. Six boats even got caught by a 300ft high twister; 3 of these boats were spun by its force and had to dash for cover beneath Brandon Mountain to spend the night on a beach after dragging their boats ashore to escape the gale. There was also a helicopter air/sea rescue in response to a Man Over Board incident which occurred when a solo Challenge participant got thrown out of his craft en-route to the Irish start line whereupon he remained adrift in the water for some 2.5 hours off the Welsh coast.

Hugo Montgommery Swan, Marine Editor and Organiser of the 2013 Round Ireland Powerboat & RIB Challenge said, ‘The Sea can be a hostile environment and when things turn bad you trust your life to your vessel’s communication system - maybe more so than any other single item of equipment. When we were struck by a typhoon beneath the Brandon Mountains during the 2013 Round Ireland PBR Challenge, it was the reliability of our Icom VHF which allowed us to communicate with the Irish Coastguard helicopter team. Fully exposed to the elements, lashed by seas and rain, it never let us down and the remote speaker mic was crucial to communication amidst the gale. The sea is a safer place with an Icom in your hand’.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK said, ‘Icom has built an excellent reputation across all of its business sectors and in particular the RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) market. Icom products are chosen because of their quality and reliability and the fact that they stand up to the arduous conditions that powerboaters often face. We are really pleased that the Icom equipment worked well and contributed to the safety for the participants.’

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