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Introducing the Icom IP110H Compact Licence Free IP/ WLAN Business Radio Solution

Introducing the Icom IP110H Compact Licence Free IP/ WLAN Business Radio Solution

The Icom IP110H is a compact two-way radio/handset that operates using your Wi-Fi network. The IP110H can be used as part of a wider WLAN radio system allowing you to use your local LAN to implement a communications system that can scale even in the largest buildings. Unlike traditional PMR radios, because the IP110H uses existing WLAN instead of radio frequencies it does not require a licence or licence application. Therefore once set up, anyone can use the radio.

With the IP1000C system controller and a number of WLAN access points (including Icom’s AP-95M), you can create a system with a number of access points covering an area you wish to cover. The IP100FS dispatch software allows you to keep track of each IP110H radio from a central location showing you each IP110H and which LAN access point it is closest to. It is also possible to communicate with a dispersed site using an Internet VPN and link with conventional radios and IP phones using the optional VE-PG4 RoIP gateway.

The IP110H provides a Simultaneous TalkListen function that allows full-duplex communication like a telephone conversation that will enable you to speak with more than one person at a time. Bluetooth capability allows wireless connectivity between a headset and the radio/handset for greater flexibility for the user.

Highly compact in size, the IP110H is built to IP67 / IP54 waterproof and dustproof standards so it can be used outdoors or around water. The compact size (57 (W) × 96.9 (H) × 25.1(D) mm) with a built-in antenna fits neatly in your pocket. It is also very lightweight weighing only 146 g. Importantly the IP110H can be used for more than 20 hours on a full charge (Tx1: Rx 1: Stand-by 8 duty radio).

The IP110H has many great features that can provide many H&S benefits to your team. Should you work in a noisy working environment, the vibrate alert function will notify the user of an incoming call to make it heard. In terms of safety features, there is a “Recording/playback" function for instant review of communications if needed. The "Lone Worker", and "Man down” functions are useful for communicating in emergencies, setting off an alarm on the radio should the radio be inactive for a pre-set period of time notifying others of potential issues.

Main features of the IP110H

· Compact handset with built-in antenna and battery.
· Simultaneous TalkListen Function like a telephone call.
· Wireless operation is possible with the optional VS-3 Bluetooth headset.
· All, Group, Talk group, Individual and Telephone Calls. (Telephone Calling requires optional VE-PG4)
· Vibration alert function informs of incoming calls and short messages.
· Motion/stationary detection, Mandown and lone worker functions.
· Audio Recording /playback function.
· Over-the-Air Configurable.
· Built-in Li-Ion battery pack can be charged through the USB Type-C Charging port.
· 1000 mW loud audio from internal speaker.
· WPA2, WPA Enterprise security.
· Waterproof and dust-tight durable design (IP67/IP54 and MIL-STD-810G).
· Licence-free IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac standards are used.

The IP110H is suitable for many industry sectors, including tunnel construction, mining, factories, warehouses, offices, shopping centres, hotels, restaurant management, to name just a few.

This product is now available for sale from authorised Icom Commercial Dealers. For more information about this product, visit the IP110H WLAN/IP Radio/Handset product page on our website, where you will find full specifications. Alternatively, give our team a call on 01227 741741 or email the address below.

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