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IC-F4029SDR - Digital Radio Has Arrived. A New Era in Licence Free Communications

IC-F4029SDR - Digital Radio Has Arrived. A New Era in Licence Free Communications

Icom UK are proud to announce the launch of the IC-F4029SDR professional licence free digital transceiver. A first in the market (as researched by Icom in February 2006), the Digital Ready* IC-F4029SDR is compliant with ETSI TS 102 490 and EN 301 166-2 specifications. Unlike other models on the high street, the IC-F4029SDR is truly a professional transceiver. It shares the basic electronics and structural design with Icom’s latest range of PMR radios. However with the introduction of the latest 6.25kHz ultra narrow digital voice technologies, the IC-F4029SDR bring users better digital clarity, razor sharp signalling performance and access to less congested digital PMR channels.

The IC-4029SDR utilises 4FSK/FDMA modulation and 6.25kHz digital narrow channel spacing, which is half the channel spacing of the existing analogue PMR 446 system. This way, the 100kHz band width allocated for digital PMR 446 is efficiently divided into 16 channels, or twice the current analogue voice channel capacity making this product incredibly spectrum efficient. Also digital technology and the efficient use of the 6.25kHz digital narrow channel spacing, eavesdropping by current scanner/receivers is virtually impossible. Also as there are no other competing radios at present, initial users will have a high level of security in digital voice communication mode.

The IC-F4029SDR is compatible with Icom, Motorola & Kenwood's current range of analogue licence free products. It can be used on existing analogue PMR 446 channels by simply changing the channel setting. This provides any organisation with an upgrade path from analogue PMR 446 to digital PMR 446 in one unit. Being analogue / digital compatible, any business or private users currently using analogue PMR446 can begin replacing their analogue radios with IC-F4029SDR and enjoy digital quality as well as relief from the congested spectrum.

One of the most exciting features of this radio is that status messages can be sent and received providing discrete and effective communications especially in sensitive environments. Up to 16-character messages and 6 types of ring alert tones are programmable for each message.

The rugged aluminium die-cast chassis and polycarbonate casing of this model is designed for durability and is built to a similar design to Icom's latest PMR series, the IC-F3022/F4022 series and IC-F3062/F4062 series. The radio is exceptionally comfortable in the hand and shares the same accessories as these models. The IC-F4029SDR is supplied with a standard high capacity Li-Ion battery pack and desktop rapid charger. The IC-F4029SDR comes with a 2-year warranty.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager at Icom (UK) Ltd said, 'The IC-F4029SDR professional digital licence free transceiver is an important first in the UK Radio communication market. Not only does it supply fantastic audio quality, secure communications, status messaging in a high performance and stylish body, but it provides a bridge from Analogue to Digital users of the licence free service that will future proof licence free applications.'

*Ofcom shortly to release the digital section of PMR446

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