IC-M503EURO Waterproof VHF Marine Transceiver (Discontinued)

The IC-M503 together with the HM-134B COMMANDMIC™ 'remote control microphone', allows full control (except DSC) of its associate unit, the IC-M503EURO VHF transceiver from a separate area up to 18 m away. This unique facility will give any large boat owner a higher level of flexibility and dependable communications in any environment.

This product is no longer available. If you are looking for a replacement, then please visit the IC-M506 VHF/DSC marine transceiver product page.

The HM-134B COMMANDMIC™ provides complete radio operation of the IC-M503EURO (except DSC operation). This allows the user to operate the transceiver from many areas of the vessel such as from the deck or fly bridge with ease. With slim dimensions, the COMMANDMIC™ fits in the palm of your hand comfortably and with the sizeable LCD, allows you to control all functions of the main unit*. In addition, the HM-134B allows full intercom facility with the IC-M503EURO.

The IC-M503EURO retains all the functions of the IC-M501: all channel access (including private channels); dual and tri-watch; fast scanning; and a programmable ‘CALL’ channel.

With its optional DSC controller, DS-100, the IC-M503Euro meets 'class D' requirements. In addition the IC-M503EURO, DS-100 and COMMANDMIC™ are all waterproof to IPX-7 making them ideal for RIBS and open cockpit vessels. Featuring a 4 X 6-inch flush mountable front panel, the IC-M503EURO will easily blend into your cabin console or dashboard. The generous front panel provides large function buttons and a wide LCD. With full dot matrix characters, information can be read easily under any lighting condition. The IC-M503EURO also has an optional voice scrambler, which enables secure private communication (subject to local licencing conditions).

The optional DS-100 DSC controller has a 168-character full dot-matrix display that is very easy to read. Large, clearly labelled controls allow you to easily make routine individual, group and all ship calls. Up to 40 received messages (20 distress and 20 other calls) are stored, and a total of 70 address ID's (individual and Group ID) can be programmed in, a similar format to a mobile phone book. When connected to the GPS receiver (NMEA 0183 Ver.2.0), position data and universal/local times can also be displayed.

  • Optional COMMANDMIC™,HM-134B
  • 4x6-inch flush mount design
  • Large display and easy operation
  • Waterproof construction
  • Allows full remote control and intercom functions
  • Optional Class-D DSC controller, DS-100.
  • Optional voice scrambler unit.
  • Same user interface and ergonomic design as IC-M501
  • Simultaneous connection of COMMANDMIC™ and DS-100
  • Backlighting for LCD and keypad are adjustable to 8 levels
  • One touch access to CH 16 or call channel
  • Supplied 'Speaker-mic' for clear reception, transmission and remote functions
  • ATIS standard for Dutch and German versions
  • Up to 22 free programmable channels are available (ask your dealer for details)
  • Simple to use ‘Tag’ operating system
  • All International, USA and Canadian channels
  • Channel M (37A) and M2 (161.425MHz) fitted as standard for UK model
  • All private channels available (subject to licence)
  • Dual watch and tri watch to monitor two or three channels simultaneously
  • Normal and priority scan modes to locate busy channels
  • Scrambler option for secure communications (subject to licence)
  • Twelve character programmable channel name indication on radio for ‘prompted’ operation
  • GPS connection with LAT/LONG and Date/Time display
  • DSC compatible (to EN 301 025/Class D)
  • Large channel display with 48-character dot matrix element
  • Channel and power Controls on IC-M503 microphone
  • DS-100
    The DS-100 is an independent VHF DSC Class D controller with built in Ch 70 watch keeping receiver. Designed to compliment the IC-M501, the DS-100 is compact and very easy to use.
  • MB-75
    Marine Flush Mount Kit
  • SP-10
    Mobile extension speaker (5W 4OHM)
  • UT-112
    The UT-112 Voice Scrambler allows private VHF communication when using the Icom IC-M501E, IC-M506GE and IC-M605EURO.
  • UT-98
    Voice scrambler unit with 128 codes
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