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The IC-M323G Entry Level VHF/DSC…Now With integrated GPS Receiver!

The IC-M323G Entry Level VHF/DSC…Now With integrated GPS Receiver!

Icom's best-selling entry level radio, the IC-M323 will be joined by an extra version which is called the IC-M323G. The new version is identical aesthetically but includes an integral GPS Receiver which will also allow your current position and time to be used for DSC calls. Importantly the integration will allow for straightforward fitting so for an open top power boat or yacht, installation has never been so simple.

The IC-M323G has all the features that made the original so popular, including Icom's common user interface including intuitive “soft-keys” permitting faster access to radio functions.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK said, ‘The IC-M323G DSC/VHF will be a competitively priced transceiver which is compact in size and easy to use. The affordability will make it an ideal purchase for those who want an uncomplicated set.’

The IC-M323G will be available from Icom stockists at the start of the season. Pricing is yet to be confirmed.

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