Accessing the Repeater Memories on the IC-9700 Radio

A number of people have commented that when they download and install the repeater file from the following pages on our website they cannot find the repeater list in the radio:

- IC-9700 News Story: IC-9700 VHF/UHF/SDR Transceiver Now Available from Your Local Authorised Amateur Radio Dealer

- IC-9700 Product Page

The files are stored in the “Repeater” section of memories and can be accessed by pressing and holding the “CALL /DR” button (left hand side 3rd down) until you see the display change to a box with “To and “FROM fields on the display.

D-Star repeaters should be displayed in the top half receiver section of the display . Analogue repeaters can be in the top or bottom section of the display.

You can edit the file with the CS-9700 programming software by ether downloading and opening the .ICF file from the link above (after opening the zip file) or importing a CSV file from our repeater software page into the programming software.

The D-Star repeater memory screen is in 2 sections “TO” and “FROM” both sections can be selected by touch. Select the section by pressing once and press again to display the sub menu. See the advanced manual for further details.
The “TO” section is the repeater you wish to connect to.
The “FROM” is your local repeater.
Reflectors can be selected in the “TO” section.
Once connected to a reflector change the “TO” section to CQCQCQ.

Note: if you are in split screen mode you can only select repeaters that are not in the same band as the other received is set to. You can not have the same band selected on both receivers.

The repeater listing contains both analogue and digital repeaters.

You can set a default GPS location (see 7.2 of the advanced manual) and then use the “Near Repeaters” by pressing the FROM section in the display .

Useful links:
- IC-9700 Useful Information:
- IC-9700 Basic Manual:
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- IC-9700 Repeater File:
- D-STAR Repeater files:

The .icf repeater files are updated from time to time and may not be up to date. The .csv files are updated daily.


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