IC-F110S/F210S Series

IC-F110S/F210S Series
IC-F110S/F210S Entry Level Two Way Mobile Radios (Discontinued)

The IC-F100S series is the smallest PMR mobile radio series Icom have produced and is packed full of useful functions. Aggressively priced to target users of simple PMR system the series features the IC-F110S (VHF) and IC-F210S (UHF) and complies with the latest directives on E marking.

This product is no longer available. If you are looking for a replacement, then please visit the IC-F5012/F6012 VHF/UHF Commercial Mobile Series page.

Fully approved and featuring 8 channels, the IC-F110S series will allow operators such as taxi operators, construction companies, security firms and farmers to equip their vehicle fleets with transceivers built to the highest quality standards. The IC-F100S series has been designed with an uncomplicated LED display, which makes it very easy to use. This makes it an ideal entry product for smaller organisations and those new to using mobile radio communications.

The IC-F100S series features backlit illuminated switches and channel selections. The front panel has LED indicators, which allow the radio to be used with ease in low light conditions. Despite its compact size, the transceiver offers a built-in speaker, capable of delivering 4W of clear audio.

Channel data can be quickly configured with PC cloning software. This means that customer's data can be quickly programmed or changed to suit individual users even when on the vehicle. Options include enhanced security features to prevent unauthorised use. The transceiver can be programmed to accept password operation. Another superb feature of this radio is the ability to stun and kill from another source.

Built to withstand everyday use in arduous commercial environments, the IC-F100S series has a polycarbonate front panel and die cast chassis.

The radios have been tested to MIL-810 C, D, E and F for shock and vibration. A mounting bracket, operator handbook, DC power cable, fist microphone and fitting accessories are all supplied as standard making the package excellent value for money. The IC-F100S series also comes with a standard 2 year warranty and complies with recent E-Marking legislation.

  • Full 25W Output
  • Entry Level radio with a very competitive price
  • Front facing speaker for clear audio and flexible mounting
  • Independent volume control
  • Built-in CTCSS/DTCS/2-tone/5-tone encoder and decoder
  • 8 memory channels with LED display
  • Simple Operation
  • Standard DTMF Encoder and Optional DTMF Decoder with ANI Function
  • Rugged construction meeting MIL-STD 810 C,D,E and F specifications
  • Programmable Wide/Narrow Channel spacing for each channel (channel independent)
  • LED lighting and hanger actions are programmable
  • Standard HM-100N included
  • Backlit keys for nighttime operation
  • Optional Voice Scrambler, UT-109/UT-110
  • Compliant with the latest E Marking Directive
  • HM-148G
    Heavy-duty microphone
  • HM-152
    Hand Microphone for PMR transceivers.
  • OPC-617
    Accessory Cable
  • OPC-647
    Microphone extension cable (2.5m/8.2ft)
  • PS-1508B
    The PS1508B is supplied with a pair of 7Ahr Lead Acid Batteries installed, giving a maximum of 14Ahr back up in the event of mains failure (see duty cycles below).
  • SM-25
    Desk microphone for ‘F’ mobiles
  • SP-22
    Mobile extension speaker (5 watt 4 ohms)
  • UT-109
    The UT-109 02 is a high-performance, non-rolling voice scrambler board available with up to 32 codes.
  • UT-110
    Scrambler (inversion & rolling)
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