IC-F52D/F62D Series

IC-F52D/F62D Series
IC-F52D/F62D Digital Two Way Radio Series

Expanding Icom’s new range of IDAS digital two-way radios is the IC-F52D series, a compact, waterproof radio with advanced features. The IC-F52D series is exceptionally compact and smaller in size than Icom’s hugely popular IC-F51/IC-F51V analogue two way radio series. It is also waterproof and dustproof and ideal for the outdoor environment of a construction site or a season of hire.

General Features
• 136–174, 400–470 MHz versions
• 512 Channels / 128 Zones
• 14 dot-matrix character display with status icons
• Improved user interface
• Programmable functions
• Backlit LCD and buttons
• 20-position rotary selector and ON/OFF volume knob
• 800 mW loud and intelligible internal speaker audio
• MIL-STD-810 G shock, vibration, temperature and more
• IP67/66/55/54 waterproof & dust-tight protection
• 29 mm (1.1 inches) slim dimensions (with BP-290 battery pack)
• Battery conditioning intelligence function
• Licence key upgrade (trunking)

Operating Mode
• Analogue mode
• Analogue/digital mixed operation
• NXDN or dPMR mode 1/2 conventional
• NXDN or dPMR multi-site conventional over IP network
• NXDN Type-D single/multi-site trunking (Licence key (ISL-UGMTR) required)
• dPMR Mode 3 trunking (Licence key (ISL-UGMD3) required)
• 12.5 kHz digital mode (NXDN conventional)

Digital Functions (Voice and Data)
• AMBE+2™ vocoder
• Over-the-Air-Programming (OTAP) function (Optional OTAP manager (CS-OTPM1) required)
• Over-the-Air Alias (OAA) sends own name with a call
• Over-the-Air Update (OTAU) changes repeater channel data and site code over the air (NXDN Type-D trunking)
• Individual, group and all call
• Late entry for group call
• Status call and polling
• Short data messages
• Call alert (NXDN)
• GPS position data (Optional HM-233GP required)
• Transparent data mode

Analogue Functions
• CTCSS and DTCS tone
• 5-Tone
• MDC functions (Depending on version)
• BIIS 1200 (MSK)
• LTR trunking (Depending on version)
• DTMF autodial

Security and Safety
• Digital voice scrambler (Low-level encryption)
• Analogue voice scrambler (Inversion)
• Power ON password
• Tactical group temporarily reconfigures user talk-groups
• Radio stun/revive/kill
• Remote monitor (NXDN)/ambience listening (dPMR)
• Emergency key for emergency call
• Man down function
• Lone worker function
• Motion/stationary detection

Scan Functions
• Priority scan
• Voting scan for site roaming

Voice/Audio Functions
• Voice announcement (Channel number and zone)
• VOX function for hands-free operation (Headset required)
• Voice recording/playback (Up to 8 minutes)
• TX/RX active noise canceller
• TX/RX audio equaliser
• Audio compander (Analogue mode)

Hardware Features
• Programmable vibration alert
• Built-in Bluetooth (dependent on version) for wireless audio and data
• Variety of optional audio accessories including speaker-microphones, headsets and earphones
• Optional HM-233GP GPS speaker-microphone
• 14-pin accessory connector

  • Small, light and feature packed
  • Multiple operating modes including analogue FM, NXDN/dPMR conventional, upgradable to NXDN Type-D trunking and upgradable to dPMR Mode 3 trunking
  • Built-in Bluetooth (dependent on version), voice recording, active noise cancelling functions
  • Full dot-matrix display, rotary channel and volume knob for simple every-day operation
  • Motion/stationary detection, man down and lone worker functions
  • OTAP (Over-the-Air Programming) function quickly reconfigures radios in-the-field (Requires CS-OTPM1 Manager Software)
  • Intelligent battery management helps to extend the battery life (optional BC-225 charger required)
  • GPS position data (Optional HM-233GP required)
  • AD-118
    Allows you to use third party accessories with 6-pin Hirose plug.
  • AD-135
    3.5 mm earphone jack adapter for use with any of SP-27, SP-29 or SP-40 earphone.
  • BC-214
    6 way charger. Charges up to six BP-279 battery packs in 2.5 hours (approx.)
  • BC-219N
    Requires BC-06 AC adapter.
  • BC-225
    Shows the charging information with the LED lighting. Charges the BP-290 in 2.5 hours (approx.).
  • BC-226
    Connectable type charger (connects up to six BC-226 units).
  • BC-227
    The BC-227 is a single rapid charger for use with the IC-F52D/62D & IP730D/740D series.
  • BP-290
    Rechargeable Li-ion battery with intelligent reporting. IP67 protection.
  • BP-291
    LR6 (AA) × 5 battery case. IP54 protection.
  • BP-294
    Li-Ion, 7.2V 3150mAh IP67 battery pack (operating time 13 hours (approx).)
  • EH-15B
    Earphone with 2.5 mm plug for use with HM-163MC.
  • FA-SC29V
    Antenna (160–174 MHz)
  • FA-SC56VS
    Stubby antenna (150–162 MHz)
  • FA-SC57U
    UHF Antenna (430-470 MHz)
  • FA-SC57VS
    Stubby antenna 160 -174MHz
  • FA-SC73US
    Stubby antenna 450 -470MHz
  • HM-163MC
    Tie-clip microphone with 2.5 mm earphone jack.
  • HM-222
    The HM-222 is a waterproof remote speaker microphone.
  • HM-233GP
    GPS speaker microphone. Required for GPS position data. IP67 protection.
  • HS-94
    Headset (Ear-piece type)
  • HS-95
    Provides Hands-free operation.
  • HS-97
    Earphone with Throat-mic
  • LC-187
    Soft carrying case with D rings
  • LC-188
    The LC-188 is a hard carry case for use with the Icom IC-F52D series of radios.
  • LC-190
    Leather case for IC-F52D series (with BP-294 in use)
  • Licenced Two Way Radio System
    This is the general-purpose peer to peer application for all forms of licenced PMR use.
  • Licenced Two Way Radio System Linked by Repeaters
    This is the standard licenced PMR version that includes all base station and repeater functionality allowing interfaces via gateways (Telephone, IP etc).
  • MB-136
    Leather Belt Hanger. Swivel Type
  • MB-96
    Swivel type belt hangar for use with BP-208N, BP-209N, BP-210N, BP-211N, BP-222N battery packs.
  • MB-96F
    Leather belt clip (Discontinued)
  • MB-96FL
    Fixed long leather belt hanger
  • MB-96N
    Swivel type leather belt hanger (Swivel joint of the MB-86 is required).
  • MBB-3
    Alligator belt clip.
  • OPC-515L
    DC lead for battery chargers
  • OPC-656
    DC Power Cable (for use with various chargers)
  • ProEquip PRO-BT550
    Bluetooth headset with PTT and dual connectivity capability.
  • ProEquip PRO-BT560
    Bluetooth PTT microphone with volume control and 3.5mm connector for headset.
  • ProEquip PRO-BT560
    Bluetooth PTT microphone with volume control and 3.5mm connector for headset.
  • ProEquip PRO-P280SA
    Noise Cancelling PTT with Lock Function and Acoustic Airtube.
  • ProEquip PRO-U610SA
    D-Ring & G-Shape Headset. Comes with In-Line PTT.
  • ProEquip PRO-U650SA
    Acoustics Tube Headset
  • SP-26
    Tube earphone with 2.5 mm plug for use with HM-163MC.
  • SP-27
    The SP-27 features a clear acoustic tube that is designed to be hidden behind the ear making it hard to see. This makes it an ideal earphone for security, hotels, restaurants, retail and airports.
  • SP-28
    Earhook type earphone with 2.5 mm plug for use with HM-163MC.
  • SP-29
    Earhook type earphone with 3.5 mm plug. For use with HM-222 or AD-135.
  • SP-32
    Tube earphone adapter for use with EH-15B.
  • SP-40
    Earphone with 3.5 mm plug. For use with HM-222 or AD-135.
  • VS-3
    Bluetooth headset with earpiece and microphone (comes with PTT switch).
  • VS-5MC
    PTT switch cable with VOX function. VS-5MC is required when using HS-94, HS-95 or HS-97.

Introducing the latest addition to the Icom IDAS digital two-way radio range. The IC-F52D/F62D series is a compact, waterproof radio with advanced features including built-in Bluetooth, voice recording and active noise cancelling functions.

Matt Richards (Commercial Sales Executive) introduces this new series and its features in this short video.

Stubby antenna is an option when ordering model.

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