IP1000C IP System Controller

IP1000C IP System Controller
IP1000C IP Advanced Radio System Controller

The IP1000C is the brains of Icom's advanced wireless radio system and keeps track of the radios in your network.

The IP1000C can also communicate with third-party manufacturers' wireless access points allowing great flexibility. It is capable of controlling up to 100 (depending on version) terminals including the IP100FS IP based PC dispatcher.

Main Features
• Easy to install on existing networks or create new wireless networks .
• Supports individual, team, or all area calls.

Icom UK are pleased to provide this introduction to Icom’s new licence free IP advanced radio system that uses common Wi-Fi network products as its infrastructure.

The video, introduced by Bob McCreadie of TX Films features Alan Andrews (Commercial Dealer Manager) who gives an overview of this communication solution, details of how it works and the potential benefits and applications.

This revolutionary system is an ideal communications solution for all types of organisations including warehouses, restaurants, hotels, museums, retail, security, hospitals, mining, sports management and more.

For more details about Icom’s IP Advanced Radio System, visit our dedicated webpages at: /IP-Advanced-Radio-System.

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